5 Things to Do in Montreal This Winter

Travelling is an activity that rarely gets its due. The act of taking a vacation and travelling to the spot, visiting fascinating places near and far, is a truly cathartic and enjoyable experience. If you have a bucket list of places you would like to go, there is no time like the present. After all, the recent viral pandemic has taught us that we should not take time for granted. 

In that light, if you’re unsure where to start, why not visit one of the most culturally vibrant and happening places of all time? Montreal, Canada, is one of the most lively and fabulous places one can think of in the Northern Hemisphere. If you would like to dive right into a vacation crammed with endless fun and thrilling adventures, you are in the right place. When it comes to Montreal, think of bustling nightlife, gorgeous sceneries, and cultural festivals full of passion and the finer things. If that sounds like your cup of tea, keep reading to know more!

Canada is gorgeous throughout the year. However, if the adventurer in you wants an experience different from the normal Canadian version, you might want to hold off on going until the winter months. Let us see what you can find in Montreal during the chilly months.

Top 5 Spots Tourists Should Visit in Montreal in the Winter

If you are in Montreal during winter, there are tons of things you can do. You may have observed that most vacation spots close off the attractions when winter arrives. However, life begins anew at this time of the year. From music festivals larger and better than Coachella to heartbreakingly beautiful hiking nooks, Montreal has it all. Take a look at the following spots to have the time of your life:

Mount Royal 

Mount Royal, the place that gave birth to the name Montreal, is an inviting spot for hikers. Situated west of downtown Montreal, the place also offers ice skating opportunities in Beaver Lake.

The Casinos  

The casinos and gambling dens of Montreal will surely infuse warmth and vitality in your bones during the winters. You will find more than your fair share of regulated and safe casinos with fantastic welcome offers and bonuses. If you need help choosing a casino, head to casinoonlinein.com and view the selection of casinos. You will find what you want.

Notre Dame Basilica 

The gothic revival church of Notre Dame Basilica is sure to excite fans of emo literature and music. However, those interested in history, architecture, or religion will see the glorious beauty of the Basilica. The stark surroundings bring out the strength and steadfastness of the graceful building that has sat there for hundreds of years.

Igloo Fest 

If you are going to Canada in winter, don’t skip out on Igloofest! Montreal’s famous Igloo Fest is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for music and EDM lovers. If you love Electronic Dance Music, you can anticipate celeb musicians like Diplo and Gramatik to drop in for performances. Expect to work up a sweat dancing and enjoying yourself at Igloofest!

Old Montreal Food Tour 

A visit to Montreal is incomplete without going on at least one food tour. You can book tickets for the Old Montreal Food Tour, arguably the best of the lot with a wide variety of options. Feel the foodie in you whoop with joy!

Bottom Line: Are You Visiting Montreal This Winter?

Since people don’t visit nearly frigid places in the middle of winter, you may be thinking, ‘Is Canada in the cold a good place for a vacation?’ The answer is positively affirmative! Someone with wanderlust in their soul can see the true beauty of the northern lands only during the winter months. All those who visit Montreal in winter agree that the place is a winter wonderland, as close to magical fantasy land as you can get. The events and opportunities for adventure available ensure that your time in the city is a moment of pure bliss and pleasure.