5 Steps to Start Freelance Writing As a Side Gig

Maybe you’re a skilled writer with a little bit of time on your hands. Maybe you’re pretty good at writing emails and you think you could help some businesses out with their marketing. Whatever your skillset, these are a few tips to getting started on how to become a freelance writer.

1. Find your writing passion

The first step to freelance writing is you must find a niche. Do you write good poetry? Dramatic short stories? Comedic sketches? Eyecatching emails? Once you figure out what you specifically will bring to the freelance table, then the next few steps will come naturally, and you’ll be making money from your desk at home in no time!

2. Find a website that follows your beliefs and regulations

There are plenty of freelance websites in today’s age and you should take the time to research them and see which one best fits you. Fiverr and Upwork are the two biggest ones; both offer great ways to start learning how to market yourself and to build as a writer.

3. Research how to establish a good rate of pay

Establish a good enough rate of pay for you to meet your own standards but also keep in mind that if you’re just starting off and your rate is super high, unless you’re Stephen King, you probably won’t get any noteworthy jobs. It’s hard to find a medium where you and your customers will be happy but just power through and remember you’re writing because it’s your passion and you’re still getting paid.

4. Create a solid account

Making an account that encompasses and displays all your writing strengths is the biggest key to getting jobs right off the bat. Add your resume, your past work, your favorite subjects to write about and then finish your profile off with a mini biography displaying who you and what you stand for so your customers can connect with you on a personal, if virtual, level.

5. Start off with a small job, then the rest is history

You did it! You’re on the final step to getting your desk business started. All there is left to do now is find a job and ace it. Search for a small-scale job, for whatever amount of money, just to get your profile beefed up and your confidence going. Once you finish your first job, display it everywhere for your future customers to see. This is a mini bonus fact but never forget to politely ask for honest feedback from your customers. Future customers love seeing past customer’s specific feedback. Happy writing!