5 Reasons Why Edibles Are Highly Different

 Edible cannabis products are expected to reach more than $17 billion in sales by 2022. It will eclipse other industries with a faster growth rate than any other consumer product or service. The statistic is impressive. Many legalized states report that THC-infused edibles are the top-selling product.  That is because they are affordable, easy to use, discreet, and often tasty to eat.  And many times, they mimic other types of treats and national brands. They are mimicking foods like Pop-Tarts, for instance. Or Kit Kat bars, labeled “Keef Kats”.

If you have never tried cannabis edibles from your medical dispensary, here are five good reasons why it may be the intake method that works best for you.

  1. They Taste Good

Medical dispensaries are continually innovating new and exciting flavors and THC-infused products.  If you like baked goods, you can get pre-wrapped breakfast bars or chocolate bars.  There are even mints and lozenges at most dispensaries. 

Gummies are a perennial favorite.  Many states have passed legislation that requires THC-infused gummies to be in shapes (rather than characters).  This is to help prevent accidental consumption by minors.  Today, gummie edibles look more like a chewable vitamin than something fun to eat.  But they do taste good.

  1. Edibles Have a Longer Active Duration

Patients who have chronic pain or daily recurrent symptoms often prefer edibles.  When you smoke cannabis, you can expect the psychoactive effects to start about 2-10 minutes after inhalation.  The lungs allow oxygen to enter the bloodstream rapidly, carrying THC with it.

Edibles, on the other hand, kick in between 30 to 60 minutes after you have consumed them.  That is because the entry of THC into the bloodstream takes longer.  It has to work its way through the digestive system.  If you have recently eaten something, it can take as long as two hours before you begin to feel your body respond to THC. 

With smokable cannabis (including vapes), the maximum effect after a single inhalation will peak after ten minutes.  But you will continue to feel the effects for up to three hours.  If you do not consume cannabis regularly and have a low tolerance to THC, you may continue to feel moderate and then mild effects for up to eight hours. 

Edibles are not a ‘zero to 60’ immediate high.  Most people do not report feeling the psychoactive effects for about 1-2 hours.  However, once the peak reaction levels off, patients can experience THC’s impact for an average of 8-12 hours.  In some cases, individuals using edibles have reported pain relief lasting up to 24 hours.

This means that for chronic symptom management, patients can dose less frequently.  And they may enjoy a much more extended period of psychoactive and physiological response.

  1. Cannabis Edibles Are a Healthier Alternative to Smoking

Not everyone can tolerate smokable cannabis. While it is the most popular and preferred method of intake, it can present problems.  People who have respiratory issues like asthma or emphysema are more likely to avoid smokable medical cannabis. It becomes an irritant in the airways that can exacerbate their symptoms. 

Edibles are made with decarboxylated cannabis.  That means the cannabis was heated and activated in the production process.  There is no need to incinerate cannabis again.  The edible will create the same level of effects as vaporized methods. 

  1. Indica and Sativa Derived Edibles Have Different Effects

Some people have suggested that the effect of THC-infused edibles is always the same. That it doesn’t matter whether it was produced with an Indica or Sativa strain.  But that is not the case. 

Each strain of cannabis has its unique profile of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. The entourage effect of all the compounds is what creates strain-specific reactions.  A Sativa may reduce anxiety and pain but leave you feeling alert, energetic, and creative.  While an Indica derived edible can make you feel relaxed but drowsy. 

Patients who prefer edible medical cannabis products often purchase different types for daytime and evening use.  You don’t want to feel groggy during the day or miss that Zoom call because you have chowed down on an Indica edible.

  1. Edibles Are Less Complicated

Your mom has chronic pain.  She has received her medical card, and she is ready to start exploring different strains for pain relief.  Can you picture her grinding and rolling some weed to smoke?  Or pulling out a bong anytime she wants to microdose cannabis?  Probably not.

Edibles are the top-selling medical cannabis product in almost every legalized state, particularly for people over the age of sixty (60) years. One of the reasons is that edibles are discreet.  You have to stick your nose deep into the container to smell a hint of THC.  The fruity pebbles flavor will hit you first, before the smell of cannabis.

It is easy to take an edible. You can either eat a baked good from the dispensary, enjoy a candy, lollipop, or a gummy.  There are also ways to infuse foods at home to create your edibles.  Wake and bake with THC Sativa infused coffee? Now you are talking.

Baked edibles have a shorter shelf life.  But hard candies and THC-infused gummies can last several months without losing the potency of the THC.  However, it is essential to make sure you are storing your edibles in an airtight container to avoid degradation of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.  Store them well to keep them potent.

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