5 Reasons to Invest in Blue World City Waterfront Block

Waterfront block is newly launched by Blue World City at the beginning of November 2021. Just like other blocks, blue world city has introduced this block with new and most amazing features. If you think of investing in the Waterfront Block of Blue World City, here are the Best Reasons to Invest in Blue World City Waterfront Block.

5 Reasons to Invest in Blue World City Waterfront Block:

There are many reasons for investing in the Waterfront Block of Blue World City. But we will highlight the main 5 reasons to invest that are important from an investor’s point of view.

Lets’ discuss the important reasons for investing in the Waterfront Block:

Affordable Prices:

Whether you are a new investor or an old investor, Blue World City offers very reasonable prices. Like other blocks, blue world city is also offering reasonable prices of the property in Waterfront Block.

The starting price of the Waterfront Block is PKR 1,750,000, and you will have to pay a 10% down payment and a 5% confirmation fee. Then there are 40 monthly installments and 8 half-yearly installments. So, buying a property in such a luxury environment is best.

The plot sizes are available in:

  • 6 Marla is offered at Rs. 1,750,000/-
  • 12 Marla is offered at Rs. 3,150,000/-
  • 18 Marla is offered at Rs. 4,200,000/-

Best Location:

The location of Waterfront Block is in a very prime area of Blue World City. You can invest in this block and will have the best location so far. The view of Waterfront Block will just be amazing. It will be in front of overseas Phase 5 and Overseas Phase 7.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that the nearest road to access the Waterfront block will be Adiala Road. Moreover, as it is called Waterfront block, it will have water-based fun and entertainment areas, and the reason is that it is just near the Sawan River.

So, getting the property in such a prime location will be more than amazing.

Meets The International Standards:

Blue World City has replicated several international buildings and models. The most famous are Burj al Arab and The Grand Mosque. Similarly, the Waterfront Block will also meet international standards, and it is expected that this society will have everything that a person expects.

According to the owners and developers, there will be an open outdoor cinema, water-based sports club, waterfalls, etc. You will also enjoy the beauty of the dancing fountain at night. These are the best things that will attract most foreigners too.

So, if you want a property in a prime location that will also meet international standards, then this amazing Waterfront Block of Blue World City is ideal for you to invest in.

Long Term and Medium Term Investment Opportunity for You:

There are three types of investments:

  • Short-term investment
  • Medium-term investment
  • Long-term investment

If you want short-term investment to get quick profit, you can invest in already developed societies. But for medium-term investment and long-term investment, the societies which are developing are the best option. Sky Marketing will also help you provide a flexible option.

The Waterfront block of BWC is best for long-term and medium-term investments. If you invest in this block, you will get a profit after some time. But the profit yield will be exceptionally high. As the development is completed, the prices of this block will reach the highest compared to other blocks of Blue World City.

Perception of High Prices:

Due to the perception of high prices, many investors have started investing in this more than amazing block. You will get a lot of benefits by investing in the block. Even if you plan to buy a property where you can stay for your life, this block will suit you. You will get fun, entertainment, and all the modern facilities.

  • Secure and Safe Society:

Safety is the priority of every individual. You can invest in this society if you want a safe and secure environment. There are two types of safeties that this society will provide:

  • Safety of Your Investment
  • Safety of Your Life

Safety of Your Investment:

You will never lose your money if you invest in this amazing society. Blue World City has a safe and secure future. So, investing in this society means that you will never face any loss. It is safe to invest in Waterfront Block as you will gain much profit. Tajarat Properties also provides a safe investment option.

Safety of Your life:

Although the owners and developers of the society have provided the gated community, there will be CCTVs active 24/7. But as the Waterfront block will meet international standards, and it will have the most prime location.

For this purpose, you will have a safe and secure environment.

There will not only be CCTVs active 24/7. But the guards will be professional and expert. Even all the security staff will go through training, and only those will get appointed who will pass the training test.


The reasons to invest in Blue World City Waterfront Block must have broadened your horizon about investment in Blue World City. We hope this blog has provided you with all the information that you need. So, be confident to invest in this amazing block as these affordable investment opportunities only come once in a lifetime.

Many realtors are here to help you provide flexible payment options and expert advice. So if you want to get the best advice regarding your property, visit Sky Marketing and Tajarat Properties right now.

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