5 Reasons Rome Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

To many, Rome is the city of seven hills. Others regard it the destination as the city of love, or that never ends. Rome exists in the Lazio region of central Italy. The coordinates of Rome are 12.4964°E and 41.9028°N. The Romans built a road network spanning 53,000 miles by the early fourth century, with a milestone indicating every 4,800 feet.

The proverb “All roads lead to Rome” originated from this; thus, for your next holiday, every road must arrive at Rome! Rome is a one-stop shop for everything from art and history to architecture, beauty, cuisine, and sunlight. Rome is, therefore, a year-round attraction, and visiting the city is always an excellent idea.

Rome offers many reasons to come, from its age-old ruins to its lovely streets and magnificent architecture. In comparison to 2020, the number of foreign visitors staying in Rome, Italy, grew a little to 1.6 million in 2021. Rome is the ideal location for you if you’re a history nerd, foodie, or just searching for a place with character and charm. That’s why we’ve explored five reasons to make Rome your next travel destination in this blog post. Let’s go!

1. The great climate

Rome is fortunate to have milder winters than most of Europe. It is highly uncommon for temperatures to drop below zero. As a result, Rome is a year-round vacation spot you can visit in any season. Rome has abundantly mild summertime temperatures, lovely sunshine, and clear skies.

Rome is a beautiful place to visit all year round since, despite the rain, it stays warm enough to be pleasant for strolling around the city. Another benefit is that lines at famous museums and attractions are at their shortest during the winter months of December, January, and February.

Rome’s temperate temperature makes it a desirable tourist destination throughout the year. Tourists can use TravelWise to discover valuable information on how to explore the city’s various sights, cultural activities, and gastronomic delights whether they visit in the summer or the winter.

2.  The rich history

Rome is a must-see for history enthusiasts because of its rich past, ancient ruins, and cultural landmarks. Rome offers something for every history enthusiast, whether you explore the monuments, browse galleries and museums, or just meander through its historic streets.

From the Colosseum, Pantheon, and Roman Forum to Vatican City and Via Appia, Rome’s historical significance is such that the World Heritage List features its city center, according to UNESCO. Its center is home to the immaculate Roman remains, which include the Palatine Hill, the Roman Forum, and the Colosseum.

3. The mouth-watering cuisines

With traditional fare like carbonara and amatriciana, the city is home to some of the most incredible eateries and pizzerias worldwide. In addition, you can visit some of the best rooftop bars in Rome to get to know the Italian capital or to enjoy an espresso or a tasty gelato.

Italian food frequently has a straightforward flavor profile that lets the inherent flavors of the ingredients come through. But Italian food is also renowned for its robust and flavorful dishes, particularly those that feature rich cheeses, cured meats, and substantial sauces. Italian cuisine uses delicious but basic seasonings like garlic, olive oil, and fresh herbs.

4. The Breathtaking Art

Rome has plenty to admire, regardless of your taste in classical or contemporary art. Rome is known for producing beautiful and elegant art. You can find some of the most famous pieces of art in the world, like the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo and the sculptures in St. Peter’s Basilica by Bernini in Rome.

There are reflections of the city’s ideals of beauty, harmony, and balance in its art, frequently featuring idealized and unified scenes. Because of this, viewing Rome’s art is visually pleasant and intriguing.

5. Its proximity to the beach

Rome sits conveniently near many of Italy’s stunning beaches and coastlines. You will be fine taking a day trip to a beach, which is one to two hours away by train or car if you are in Rome during beach weather and would like to get away from the bustle of the city.

Amazing beaches include those at Ostia Lido, Santa Marinella, Santa Severa, Sperlonga, and Fregence. You can spend the day lounging on one of the many free or public beaches, followed by lunch or dinner at one of the many eateries while taking in the view of the ocean.




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