5 Popular Themes to Help Make Your Fundraiser a Hit

As we begin to celebrate being able to come together once again, there are many causes, businesses, and charities that need our help to recover from the pandemic of 2020. Fundraiser events are being held around the country benefiting those that took the hardest punches from the global pandemic.

The most popular charities like those for cancer research, or animal protection have also seen a downturn in their normal donations during the pandemic and are ramping up their fundraising efforts. If you are looking to host a fundraising event for either a local or national charity, you will need to plan carefully to pull off a successful event. 

Many fundraisers are held with a particular theme so that guests will enjoy their event with a unique style. Casino fundraisers are among some of the most popular events. Let’s take a closer look at a few popular themes for your next fundraising event. 


Many of us may be tired of wearing masks after the past two years, but that doesn’t mean that your fundraiser guests wouldn’t mind a Venetian Masquerade ball as the theme to your next event. Invite your guests to hide behind their costume masks where they can breathe easily in disguise and make your charitable donations be in the silent auction format to add some intrigue to your fundraiser. 

Roaring 20s

As the country celebrated the end of Prohibition back in the 1920s, the modern world is rejoicing at the end of the 2020s pandemic and looking for a party. If you want to make your fundraiser unique and a roaring ball for your guests, you can invite them to embrace the spirit of the Great Gatsby with 1920s attire. Pair the festive costumes with some big band music, coquettish cocktails, and a bit of gambling to complete the night’s theme. 

Monte Carlo

There is nothing more glamorous than attending a bash at one of the elite casinos in Monte Carlo. Invite your fundraising guests to play their luck at varied gambling games to help you raise money for your cause. You will need to check the legalities in your area for a gambling event. In most cases, you can charge your guests an entry fee as their donation and provide a specific number of gambling tokens to each attendee, rather than allowing guests to play with cash.

Black and White

When it comes to party themes, you can’t get more classic than a Black & White Ball. This is a theme that is easy for everyone to manage. Your gentleman guests will have no problem finding a tuxedo rental, and no woman loves anything more than the perfect little black dress. Keep your decor, food, and beverages within the theme and serve only items that are black and white. 

Fairy Tale

If you want to host a fundraiser that is over-the-top fun for your guests, hoping to inspire some elaborate donations, you can go with a Fairy Tale Ball theme. Invite your guests to dress up as their favorite literary or Fairy Tale character

If you want to add some pizzazz and style to your next fundraising event, try out one of these winning party themes that will thrill your guests and loosen wallets.

Featured Image Credit: stux on Pixabay