5 Places to Visit if You Want to Travel This Year

2022 looks like a big travel year for many individuals and families. Domestic flights cost more, due in part to more demand. Many people who didn’t travel during the prior two years will take vacations this summer.

We’ll talk about a few places you might want to visit if you’re hitting the road this year. If you haven’t seen some of the locations on our list, you may want to consider them if you haven’t come up with any good ideas yet.

Lake of the Ozarks

You might not have south-central Missouri at the top of your wish list when you look at vacation destinations. However, if you fly or drive there, you’ll find Lake of the Ozarks, a fun place to spend some time.

If you go there, you can rent a cabin by the lake and go fishing. You will find many fish species, including white bass, largemouth bass, blue catfish, spotted bass, channel catfish, walleye, and lots more. You can also enjoy excellent golfing, as this locale features some high-end golf clubs you can pay to visit.

Maybe you like minigolf more, or go-carts. You can go caving if you don’t mind getting a little dirty. You’ll also find many five-star restaurants, many of them featuring fresh seafood and other delicacies.  

You can investigate Lake of the Ozarks real estate if you’ve fallen in love with this region. You may find that you want to buy a home and live there year-round.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is like a fever dream you’ve got to experience at least once. When you get there and see the Strip lit up at night, it seems like a glowing desert jewel.

You can stay at an expensive hotel like the Golden Nugget, the Cosmopolitan, the Luxor, or the Borgata. You can walk along the Strip and see the fountains shoot water in intricate patterns. You can check out the pirate show or the other shows that happen hourly for your entertainment.

If you’re ready, you can go inside the casino and try your luck at the tables. Las Vegas has more than just games of chance, though. You can get a massage and a manicure if you’d like to pay for a spa day. You can go shopping in the many souvenir stores, or you might check out some of the rollercoasters or one of the many live acts.

Maybe you’d like to see an Elvis or Rat Pack revue. You might see a magic show or one of the many lounge singers. You can even renew your wedding vows if you go with your spouse.

New York

It’s hard to enjoy the quintessential American experience without visiting New York City at least once. There’s nowhere else quite like it, and you’ll feel that as soon as you arrive. The sheer size might intimidate you if you’ve lived your whole life in a smaller city, but you’ll find things to do there, no matter what you like.

You might go to a jazz club in the Village or stroll through Times Square to Broadway, where you can see a long-running show like The Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King, or The Book of Mormon. You can have dinner at Keens Steakhouse or Balthazar.

You might go up into Harlem and explore, or you can cross the Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn and walk around DUMBO, with its boutique coffee houses. You can walk through Central Park or go down to Wall Street to pose next to the charging bull statue representing the bull market that all traders most desire.

New Orleans

New Orleans has a lot of character, and it’s another city that welcomes tourists, though you should hang onto your wallet if you walk along Bourbon Street. You can hear music everywhere, from street performers to the combos that play inside the clubs, improvising madly. You can take a to-go cup and walk from venue to venue, talking to strangers from all over the country.

Going to Mardi Grad seems obligatory, but you’ll find a party atmosphere at any time. You’ll also find some of the world’s best cuisine, so foodies will want to spend a few days there.

Fresh seafood dominates the menus, as you can try crawfish served in different ways. Maybe gumbo or a catfish po boy sounds good to you. You might go for something more exotic, like pralines, alligator, or raw oysters.

You can walk through the many beautiful cemeteries, looking for famous gravestones. You can find chess champion Paul Morphy buried there or voodoo queen Marie Laveau. Pirate Barthelemy Lafon also has his final resting place there.


The Windy City isn’t much fun to visit in January or February, but it’s very nice during the summer. You get sun, plus the breeze off the lake, and that’s a pleasant combination.

Chicago, much like New York or other major US cities, has a little something for everyone. You can always look for the best deep-dish pizza or Italian beef sandwiches, but you can also check out the many museums and art galleries. You will also enjoy it if you like architecture, as the city features buildings designed and built by some of that profession’s biggest names.

You can go to Millennium Park and take some pictures in front of the famous “Bean” sculpture. You might follow that up by going to the Art Institute of Chicago. They have a permanent collection, as well as other pieces they feature seasonally.

Maggie Daley Park is another favorite hangout spot. You might stop by the Museum of Science and History or the Field Museum.

You might visit the John Hancock Center or the neo-Gothic Tribune Tower. When night falls, you can charter a cruise and sail along the waterfront, watching the residents scurry back home after a long day’s work.

Truly, you’ll find many memorable places to explore in the US if you look for them.

Photo by Eva Darron on Unsplash