5 of the Best Golf Destinations in the Algarve (With Course Recommendations)

Are you a golf enthusiast looking for your next golfing adventure? Look no further than the beautiful region of Algarve, Portugal. With its sunny climate, stunning landscapes, and top-notch golf courses, Algarve is the perfect destination for any golfer.

While there are plenty of golf courses in the Algarve, there are some hidden gems if you know where to play. In this guide, we’ll outline five of the best golf destinations in the Algarve, complete with course recommendations. Get ready to pack your clubs and hit the green in some of the most beautiful courses Portugal has to offer.

  1. Quinta do Lago

First up on our list is the luxurious resort of Quinta do Lago. The resort is home to five golf courses, making it a must-visit destination for any golfer. While all of the courses are excellent, we recommend taking on Laranjal, which is our personal favourite.

With its beautiful surroundings and challenging course, it’s easy to see why Laranjal is so popular. Another top pick is the South Course, which has hosted the Portuguese Open multiple times. But don’t overlook the North course which also offers its own unique challenges.

One Course that’s often overlooked in Quinta do Lago is Pinheiros Altos. At €80 per round, considerably less than other courses in this luxury resort.

For more information, this handy guide on golf in Quinta do Lago can guide you through the courses and hotels in the area.

  1. Vilamoura

Next up, we have Vilamoura, a town that is home to six world-class golf courses. One of our top picks is Dom Pedro Victoria, which hosts the Portugal Masters annually. This championship course has plenty of water hazards and bunkers, making it a challenging but fun course to play. Another great option is the Old Course, the second oldest golf course in the Algarve. It’s a classic parkland course that will appeal to experienced golfers.

The Pestana Vila Sol is another course worthy of mention. This 27-hole golf resort is great for golfers wanting to stay in one place. Green fees start at €88.

  1. Lagos

If you’re looking for stunning views and challenging courses, Lagos is the town for you. Home to Boavista Golf Resort, it hosts a championship golf course that offers plenty of elevated tees, allowing you to take in the majesty of your surroundings.

Another top pick is Espiche, our favourite golf course in Portugal. The course is surrounded by undeveloped countryside, providing a peaceful and serene golfing experience. The clubhouse is also worth a visit, with its modern and chic design.

  1. Castro Marim

For golfers seeking a more unique experience, we recommend visiting Castro Marim. The town boasts the 27-hole Castro Marim Golf Course, which offers breathtaking views of the River Guadiana and the picturesque hillsides of Spain.

This course is a golfer’s dream come true, offering a challenging yet fun experience. It’s also one of the more affordable courses on our list, with rounds starting from just €65.

But if you’re looking for something more upscale, Monte Rei is frequently voted Portugal’s best golf course, although it comes with a higher price tag, starting at €170 per round.

  1. Tavira

Last but not least, we have Tavira, a town with three great golf courses nearby. Quinta da Ria is our top pick, as it offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the award-winning beach of Cacela Velha. It’s a challenging course that is sure to impress golfers of all levels.

Another great option is the Benamor Golf Course, which offers stunning views of the Serra do Caldeirao mountains to the North and the Atlantic Ocean to the South

In conclusion, the Algarve is truly a golfer’s paradise, offering some of the best golf destinations in Portugal. Whether it’s all out luxury of the Quinta do Lago Resort, or something more relaxed in Castro Marim, The Algarve will almost certainly deliver.