5 Must-have Formal Hat Styles for Men

As fashion trends continuously change and evolve, hats are still popular among men as it always has been. 

Men’s hats are no longer exclusive to the elderly and fair weather. And thanks to Hollywood, these are now considered staple fashion accessories men can’t live without. 

Formal hats take a style upgrade to the next level. The right hat can make your outfit pop, adding a signature flair that can’t be matched by any other clothing piece. 

So, in this article, we’ll share with you the five must-have men’s formal hat styles you need to get right now!

Pork Pie

A must-have men’s dress hat for any classic gentleman, the pork pie hat has been around for decades, and has been worn by famous celebrities and characters you might know, like Walter White’s Heisenberg from the famous TV series Breaking Bad. 

The pork pie gets its name because it looks like the British pork pie. It’s also a close cousin of the fedora, with its small and round features that host a flat crown. It has a crease on the inside top edge and slightly curled brims as well. 

Pork pie hats are best paired with suit combos that are more semi-formal in nature. It can also be used in casual settings, making it a versatile hat for sure!


Fedora hats paired with a suit is a typical business world attire. With its indented crown and long crease, it’s a great hat through and through. 

It can also be used with smart casual outfits to give you a Justin Timberlake in the 2000s look. You can never go wrong with a fedora – its appeal is timeless as always.


With a low angle brim and that retro feel, the trilby has its own hall of fame in the men’s dress hat arena. 

Known as the most stylish hat for men, the trilby has been featured in the likes of Pink Panther films and Bruno Mars. 

It is one of the most socially worn hats that makes you look classic anywhere. It is also easily paired with anything because of its shape and fit.


The Derby hat, just like the trilby, is an acquired taste for fashion. 

It is usually made out of hard felt with a short brim and circular crown. In the past, it was used by all social classes. 

Nowadays, it’s worn as a classic dress hat with antiquated vibes. It is best paired with a three-piece suit and dress shoes. 

Top Hat

And of course, you can never go more classic than the most formal of all–the top hat. It is a tall, flat-crowned hat that has always been used in black tie events. 

It best goes with any suit, but often with black and white styles. However, make sure to keep this for your most formal events only!

Final Thoughts

In today’s society, it’s easy to get judged for going over the top. If you want a chill but classic look, our best bet is the fedora. Known over the years, especially in corporate settings, the fedora is the best hat for almost any occasion.