5 Most Successful Ways To Overcome Gambling Urges

In the 1968 classic, “Funny Girl,” the character of actress Barbra Streisand falls in love with a handsome con artist, Nick Arnstein. As a human being, he was pretty intelligent and elusive. Also, he was pretty loyal when it came to being in a relationship with someone. 


He had a problem – the habit of gambling. He was so influenced by this addiction that he didn’t bat a single eye even after losing out on his mansion, savings, and, finally, their marriage. 

When the movie was first released, people considered Nick’s habit as just another problem in our daily life. Nonetheless, this scenario changed entirely when APA identified pathological gambling as a psychological disorder. 

At that time, around 1.1 million people in the USA were addicted to gambling. Since then, the number has increased alarmingly, reaching almost 8.7 million in 2022. 

So, what’s the problem? 

Well, unlike drug addiction, a gambling urge does not have any cure at all. For the former, Infinite Recovery provides a drug rehab in Houston that might be helpful for you. However, curing gambling addiction is tricky. 

In this aspect, you will need to combine various ways and methods to overcome your urge successfully. Here’s what you need to know in this regard. 

Why Is Gambling Addiction Bad For You?

In essence, people suffering from gambling addiction tend to become pretty destructive. No matter what’s at stake, they will gamble their money away every day. They may do it at the cost of destroying their relationships, losing their job, or selling their house. 

However, the problem doesn’t end there! 

Gamblers don’t pose an issue for themselves only. Besides, they tend to be associated with burglaries, spouse abuse, bankruptcies, and child neglect as well. Many people tend to commit suicide due to having a massive amount of debt on their backs. 

How Do You Overcome Gambling Urges?

Stopping gambling addiction suddenly may lead to withdrawal, depending on the severity of the problem. Hence, we will ask you to leave it gradually, if possible. Partaking in the following activities may also be beneficial for your purpose. 

Solution – 1: Recognize Your Problem

In all honesty, you cannot take care of something that you don’t recognize – and the same goes for gambling. If you don’t learn about it and admit that you have an issue, you won’t be able to eliminate it from your life. Here are some of the signs that you should look for if you think you’re addicted to gambling – 

  • The need or urge to gamble with a substantial amount of money. 
  • Making unsuccessful attempts to stop gambling. 
  • You’re managing your stress by gambling. 
  • Putting your money on the line consistently to “get even.” 
  • Lying to your co-workers, friends, and loved ones regarding gambling. 
  • Creating conflicts in your relationships due to the same reason. 

People dealing with a gambling addiction also need continuous financial support to subdue their urges properly. Hence, if you find someone asking for money from you frequently, make sure to do some background research on them.

Solution – 2: Opt For A Support Group

As mentioned before, almost 8.7 million people are dealing with the same problem as you. Thus, if you join a support group, you will find many individuals who are doing the same as you. It, in turn, will help you open up about yourself and learn from others’ experiences too. 

Previously, you had to sit face-to-face with another individual to have a chat with them. But, the scenario has changed in today’s world. Now, you can talk to everyone else on an online platform and let them know about what you’re going through. 

Solution – 3: Find A Hobby

Staying busy, in essence, is the best option when it comes to avoiding gambling. When you are doing something, the strand of putting your money onto something else will not come to your mind at all. Due to this reason, we are asking you to find a hobby quickly. 

When talking about gambling, reading a book can pose an ideal option for you. It will help you improve your memory, knowledge, and cognitive capabilities to some extent. 

Besides, you may also try going to a golf course, playing football, or doing something that your heart desires. 

Solution – 4: Avoid Any Kind Of Temptation

Gambling is usually done through a sudden temptation. For instance, let’s say you’re driving through a route, and, all of a sudden, you find a casino in front of you. Now, if you are a gambler, you’ll definitely try to enter there. 

However, this is where you’ll need to work on your self-control and avoid temptations. For example, you can try staying away from people who always talk about gambling. If watching sports makes you bet on it, try viewing something else.

If nothing is working out for you, give your spouse your credit and debit cards. Just take a small amount of money while going out, and that’s that. 

Solution – 5: Consider The Consequences

As a gambler, you will become a “mindless beast” after a specific period. The thought of your future, family, the lover of your life, and children will not come to your mind anymore. 

Hence, when you are only starting to get up on this habit, make sure to consider the outcomes before anything else. Here’s what may happen to you if you don’t leave gambling – 

  • You may cause extreme emotional pain to your loved ones. 
  • Lying to everyone to disguise your addiction from everyone else. 
  • You will go through financial hardships if you keep losing. 

Stop Gambling, Today!

Yes, we know. Stopping gambling, a habit that you’ve been nourishing for years can be tricky at first. However, if you’re determined enough, we’re pretty sure that you can deal with anything and everything for your cause. Nonetheless, if you feel alone, going to a professional can be an excellent idea as well.