5 Home Cleaning Tricks Everyone Should Know

Even though most of us aren’t ashamed to admit that we dread cleaning chores, no one can really deny the embarrassment of a messy home. But beyond the shame, a dirty and cluttered home is also bad for your health. So it’s worthwhile to instead push through your home cleaning checklist routinely. 

We’ve listed some practical cleaning tricks to help you simplify the overall effort of keeping your home clean. 

Bicarb And Vinegar For Carpet Stains

No matter how clean and neat the rest of the living room is, a stubborn carpet stain can draw the eye instantly and make the whole space seem dirty. Unfortunately, carpet stains are also pretty tricky to remove with most store-bought products. 

Bicarb and vinegar is a natural solution that’s gentle enough on carpet fibers yet potent enough to lift even the most stubborn baked-in stains. You can also use this natural cleaning formula to lift stains on sofas and even your mattress. 

Nevertheless, if this combo doesn’t lift the stain, contact an area rug repair service for professional cleaning and restoration. 

Shammy The Windows

Shammys are cleaning rags that are usually used to polish automobiles. Although, they’re also great for cleaning windows. 

A damp shammy is a perfect solution if you’ve been battling to clean windows and shower doors due to streaking.

Use Lemon Oil To Steam The Microwave 

The inside of a microwave appliance can get pretty sticky and icky over time, even more so because we often forget to clean this appliance. 

It can take quite a long to use regular surface cleaner because the food and spill are cooked into the microwave walls. 

Instead of wasting your time scrubbing for ages, add a few drops of lemon oil to a cup of water and cook it in the microwave at the highest temperature for about ten minutes. The steam will loosen all the dirt. 

Wipe the wall and ceiling of the microwave before the steam cools off, and the dirt hardens again. 

Duct Tape On The Broom For Pet Hair

Pet hair and dander can build up extremely fast in a home, especially if you have more than one furry friend sharing your home. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to eliminate shedding completely. However, you can make cleaning the hair fall a lot less frustrating. 

Instead of battling to sweep the hair fall effectively, tape a line of duct tape to your broom. Be sure half of the length of the tape is exposed so that it can catch the hair as you sweep. 

Another great hack is to vacuum all flooring instead of sweeping; a vacuum is not only handy for keeping rugs and carpets dust-free. 

Rely On A Professional Service

If no amount of house cleaning tips and tricks can help you keep up with the list of chores, perhaps because your home is quite large or because your work schedule is too cramped, then it’s worthwhile to rely on a professional cleaning service. A professional cleaning service will keep your home clean and germ-free all year round.