5 Exciting Upgrades for Your New Ride

You might be more than proud of the new stock-standard vehicle you’ve just purchased. It could have everything you need for a comfortable and safe ride and even be your favorite color. However, when you realize that thousands of people could be driving the same vehicle, there’s no harm in looking at your customization options. Here are a few of the many exciting upgrade options to make your new car stand out. 

LED Lights

LED lighting kits from leading suppliers like XK Glow might be all it takes to make your new ride stand out from the crowd. LED lights come in a wide range of colors, have a longer lifespan than traditional halogen bulbs, and also provide lighting and energy efficiency. There are also many different lighting options at your disposal, such as headlights, strips, pods, and tubes. Driving around at night might become your favorite thing to do with your new lights installed. 

Under-Seat Subwoofers

Stock-standard stereo systems are never all that incredible. When you desire crystal-clear sounds and just the right amount of bass, you don’t always get it from the manufacturer. However, you might be more than impressed with how your music sounds when you invest in under-seat subwoofers. They take up next to no usable space, and many users describe them as offering crisp, clear bass. You also don’t need to get rid of that factory stereo with this product. Instead, you only need the subwoofers to enhance what you already have. 

Custom Seat Covers

When you’re trying to save money, not spend it, it might seem impossible to customize your car in a way that makes it different from everyone else’s. After all, customization costs money. However, an affordable option can be custom seat covers. You can purchase them pre-made to suit your unique car model or have them made to fit your preferences. 

Custom Emblems

Sometimes, making your car stand out can be as easy as replacing the emblem. You likely still want people to know that you’re driving a Ford, a Toyota, or a Honda, but you don’t have to stick with stock-standard emblems if you don’t want to. 

Instead, you can take the old logo off and replace it with one that has been customized with bling. Many companies offer high-quality emblems with exciting colors and additions like gems. Even when parked next to identical vehicles in a parking lot, you’ll have no trouble identifying which one is yours. 

Vinyl Wrap

Watching your brand new vehicle’s paintwork succumb to stone chips and scratches can be tough, especially when you know just how much it costs to paint a car. Vinyl wraps, which you can customize in various styles and colors, can protect your original paintwork while helping your vehicle stand out. 

Vinyl technology is improving every year, which means that there are many hard-wearing options to choose from. If you ever get bored of your vehicle’s color scheme, you can simply have it re-wrapped for a mere fraction of what it costs to buy a new car or paint the one you already have. 

When you purchase a new vehicle and want it to stand out from others, you might be surprised at just how many customization options you have at your disposal. Any of these cost-effective changes above might be all it takes to transform your ride.

Photo by Drew Lindsley on Unsplash

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