5 Camper Life Essentials for Your Next Van Trip

Traveling in a van has, over the years, become a lifestyle brand, with many influencers and individuals now opting for a simpler and adventurous life. Whether you are looking forward to a permanent lifestyle shift or are planning for a thrilling escape from your busy life, there are certain essentials you must carry. 

Before you set out, make sure you have all the campervan accessories and essentials to ensure a safe and comfortable living. If you are confused about what to take and what not to, this post is just for you. We have curated a list of all the essentials you need to pack before your next trip.

Solar Panels:

Traveling in a van means crossing towns and cities with varying weather conditions. It is advisable to have a solar panel aboard for self-sufficient traveling. They add to the off-grid camping experience and are comparatively easy to set up. Moreover, solar panels can be charged even in cloudy or partially shaded conditions. If storing fixed panels is not something you are comfortable with, then carrying a portable panel is a great choice for emergencies. 

Magnetic GPS Tracker:

Safety should be a big priority when traveling in a camper van. Recently, RV thefts and other offenses have increased in recent years. A magnetic GPS tracker is a great gadget to track your vehicle when traveling. You can hide the magnetic GPS anywhere in your vehicle. In cases of theft, you would then be able to track your vehicle and reach out for help easily. Unlike the wired GPS, these also do not have a complicated installation process. 


A camper trip is incomplete without a relaxing hammock to sway in on a breezy day lazily. While it is not necessary, having a hammock can add to the overall experience of a simple and relaxing trip. Not convinced? Then imagine traveling in a Denver camper van rental amid the semi-arid route when suddenly all you wish is to enjoy the journey and not reach a destination. All you need is to tie your hammock to a nearby tree and take the serene view ahead. If you are concerned about weather conditions and mosquitoes, rest assured because many hammocks now come with nets and rain covers. 

Power Inverter:

Charging your accessories can get tricky if you don’t carry a power inverter. If you are traveling in an area without an outlet, a power inverter can be a practical and helpful accessory. This can help you charge your power devices like cell phones and laptops which are important essentials in themselves. Moreover, in case of a power outage, an inverter would allow access to power and act as an emergency electricity source. 

Bluetooth Speaker:

A gadget that brings together the entire experience of camping is a speaker. Any trip is incomplete without some music to enjoy, and therefore, a bluetooth speaker is an accessory you must carry with you. If you are solo camping, then a good bluetooth speaker would provide just the right company for you. When traveling with friends and family, a bluetooth speaker would add to the fun and the journey. 

Traveling in a camper van for the first time may be overwhelming. If you are planning your first van trip then it’s important not to go overboard with the essentials that you would need. In fact, keeping the list simple but practical is the best way to experience your first camping trip. Even if you are an experienced traveler, keeping your safety first is advisable. As nomads traveling from one place to another, keeping track of your routine essentials should be a priority.