5 Best Tips for Student on How to Start Writing an Excellent Essay

Teachers often assign students to write essays. The difficulty is that there are no uniform requirements for it, so students have questions: how to write an essay, where to find a sample and outline of an essay, how many words should be included in it. There are several general rules that will come in handy when starting writing such a paper. Here are five of our best essay writing tips for students. 

Essay features

Practice shows that any essay is characterized by the following:

  • Each essay has a specific and rather narrow topic (often it is constructed in the form of a detailed answer to a polemical question).
  • It reflects specifically the author’s position and not a general view of the subject.
  • The author’s task is to argue his or her opinion on the topic, providing the necessary evidence.
  • The text should contain new thoughts and ideas, not be a repetition of what is already known.
  • Most often it is written not in a strictly scientific, but in a popular science or journalistic style, in a language understandable to a wide audience.

If it is difficult for you to write a paper with all these features, and you constantly google, “how to write my essay correctly,” then you need help. On special writing services, you can order an essay sample that will give you a clear understanding of how your paper should be written. You will see how to disclose your topic, present your opinion on the problem, and write it in the proper style. 

Let’s find out tips for starting writing your essay.

  1. 1. Read essays by other authors

This will help you develop your own style. After all, an essay is not a dictation, and writing it, if you really want to write well, will require a sense of style from you. According to experts, the style of presenting a good essay can be characterized as emotional, expressive, and artistic.

  1. 2. Prepare yourself, study the literature on a given topic, comprehend what you read

An essay is a creative work and involves the presentation of reflections on a specific topic. The essay is addressed not to the reader who has at least a minimal idea of the issue under consideration. Otherwise, when writing, you would simply drown in the details. Therefore, in order to write about something qualitatively, one should have knowledge of the relevant topic. Formulate theses and arguments.

  1. 3. Outline the stages of an essay

To write a beautiful and interesting paper, you need to outline the stages of the essay. The process consists of the following steps:

  • Choice of the topic.
  • Study of relevant materials.
  • Essay planning.
  • Formulating your own position.
  • Selection of arguments.
  • Preparation of an opinion.
  • Formatting of the paper.

Tip: any essay will be embellished with an appropriate quote. Choose one that accurately reflects your position and belongs to a famous person.

When formatting your paper, pay close attention to semantic unity, the internal logic of the text, and brevity. The essay should not be too cumbersome and reflect the topic completely, it is devoted to only one aspect.

  1. 4. Make the introduction interesting

As with any paper, one of the hardest parts of an essay is the beginning. The introduction should not be wordy, otherwise, the reader will quickly lose interest in the further text. The key to a good paper is an intriguing beginning that immediately surprises the reader and makes him or her continue reading. Examples of the beginning of an essay:

  1. 5. Stick to the essay volume

The essay does not claim to fully disclose the topic, therefore its volume is small. Depending on the subject and the main idea of the text, the traditional volume of a paper can be from two to five pages. If you are used to counting differently and want to know how many words should be in an essay, then the answer is from 300 to 1000 words.

As in any other paper, the main thing in an essay is not the volume of words, but the semantic content. If you open up the question using a minimum of words, then the paper is highly commendable.

Writing an essay promotes the development of creative thinking, the ability to express one’s thoughts, and the thought process in general. Practice and this will help you learn how to correctly formulate your words, highlight causal relationships, and back up your arguments with relevant examples from practice. Perhaps in the future, you will write a great novel. In the meantime, feel free to start writing your first essay!

Essay Writing Tips Photo by Free-photos on Pixabay