4 Easy Ways to Learn a New Language At Home

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You might think it’s prudent to spend the time that you have at home now to do something useful — like learn a new skill, complete overdue chores, or expand your lexicon of languages. You’d be exactly right. With the Internet at your fingertips and time as your friend, you’ve got a bunch of ways to take on the world, one language at a time. We’ve found the four best methods for you!


Who likes learning? Who likes learning for free? We thought you might! DuoLingo is the free platform for language learning in this day and age, with mobile apps for Android and iPhone alike that gamify the experience. Their approach is proven to make learning a fun experience, and one that encourages continuation and achievement, so much so that they now offer it in classrooms.

Rosetta Stone

Another app available for mobile devices, Rosetta Stone has earned a name for itself as one of the most popular paid language learner programs on the planet. They’ve even taken on the Livemocha model of allowing live tutoring sessions between speakers of different languages to aid learners in a much more interactive way!


Another well-known go-to for the world of language learners, Babbel’s app is an intuitive program of its own that lets you subscribe to bite-sized language lessons that fit into your everyday life. Match that with the fact that Babbel — unlike most programs — works on more than just speech: writing, reading, and speaking the language are key to getting the most out of Babbel, especially during their April 2020 sale.


FluentU is a unique platform for language learning that takes movie trailers, music videos, and other fun real-world examples to give you an immersive experience like no other as you delve into a language. Like the rest of the best, FluentU is also available on the App Store and the Google Play Store. Start learning a language using context, with a 14-day free trial!


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