3 Self-Care Activities You Should Be Doing Regularly

There is no way around it, life can get stressful and busy, and often times it can feel overwhelming to look at an overly populated calendar. Weekly and daily schedules can get crammed, and if a person isn’t careful, it can be all too easy to slip into anxiety. One of the best ways to help you stay focused, motivated, and healthy is to regularly practice self-care. 

It may seem like a paradox to practice self-care when your schedule is slammed, but self-care routines can actually help you improve your productivity and ability to accomplish, and not detract from it. 

What Exactly is Self-Care?

Before getting into the details of some great self-care activities, let’s first answer the question of what self-care even is. If you aren’t familiar with the term self-care, it is a popular way of referring to activities that help to revitalize and rejuvenate a person’s energy levels. The first thing about self-care that is so important for people to understand, is that there are no universally defined ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ ways to practice self-care. 

Self-care methods change from person to person and what works for one individual may not work at all for another. Different people recharge their batteries differently, so self-care can look like a wide variety of activities. For some, self-care might be a shopping trip with their closest friends. For others, it could look like an evening or a couple of hours of complete isolation. 

For the person who loves adventure, self-care might look like a weekend trip to a new beachfront town or a hike that they have never done before. For the person who loves to sit and relax, self-care might look like a weekend of binging favorite tv-shows and eating comfort food. 

No matter what kind of self-care works for you, the important thing is that you practice it. Self-care has been shown to help improve a person’s productivity, and mental and emotional state, as well as boost their confidence and capacity. 

If you have been wondering about some great self-care activities, here are some options for the introvert and the extrovert that you need to try out! 

1. Your Favorite Food

So when it comes to finding the perfect kind of self-care activity, there are a ton of options and it can vary drastically from person to person – however, food is universal. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, make food a big part of your self-care activities. This can look like regular rhythms as well as something more specialized. 

For example, a normal part of the ‘weekly’ self-care could be grabbing your favorite breakfast once or twice a week, even if you have to go out of your way a little bit to get it. At the same time, if you do a self-care day or weekend once a month, you can center your day around your favorite vegan pizza, or your favorite smoothie bowl shop! 

Whatever self-care looks like for you, incorporate your favorite foods into the picture and enjoy it! 

2. Try IV Therapy

Yes, you read that right, try incorporating IV therapy into your next self-care day. IV therapy has grown to be a field of healthcare that can do a lot of incredible things from helping boost your skin health, to helping you overcome pesky hangovers and more. With easily accessible locations, such as IV therapy in Los Angeles, if you live near a clinic you should try it out! 

The awesome part about getting an IV therapy treatment is that the medications are curated and designed by medical professionals and they really can improve your quality of life. IV therapy is often times thought of as an important method of medication for people who are struggling with serious medical conditions; however, with skincare, cell health, and hangover treatments, IV therapy can be a part of your regular self-care routine! 

3. Find a Cosmetic Self-Care Routine

Cosmetic self-care is important for both men and women and should be an important part of anyone’s self-care routines. This could look like a skincare routine that you prioritize, or maybe scheduling in a pedicure or manicure on a regular basis. This is also something that can change from person to person with great variability. 

No matter who you are, when you add an element of cosmetic care into your self-care routine, it can help boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself! 


Self-care is something that might take some trial and error to understand and learn, but it has big benefits. Learning what self-care looks like for you and your schedule is important, and while it may be challenging, it is well worth the effort. Taking these three basic activities, and using them in a way that works best for you can help alleviate your self-care game to a whole new level! 


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