3 Easy Fixes When Your Car Key Won’t Turn

Car keys that don’t turn in a car door lock can bring you more inconvenience, so you should take action immediately. Thus, it can lead to more significant problems like broken keys and lead you to be locked out of your car. Don’t worry because there are solutions to this unfortunate scenario.        

This article will know why a key doesn’t turn in a car and the solution to fix it. 

Car key damage

One reason why the car key doesn’t turn is that the key has misshapen or worn down. Misshaping or bending usually happens in motorcycle keys, but soft or thin metal keys can be bent easily. 

Keep in mind that subtle bending is enough that your car key won’t turn. The key can bend anytime, and if you use it more often, the metal grinds down smoother. So, the groves are not in the right shape to properly move the sliders, wafers, and tumblers in the lock cylinder. If another key can open a similar lock, then your keys are the problem. 


If you have a damaged key and your car key doesn’t turn, the best way to fix it is a car key replacement. You may get a duplicate car key but not the worn key since you’re just copying the problem. 

If you don’t have your spare car key, you can seek help from a car locksmith or the car dealership. If you want to have a car key like the original, you may require to access a database that matches the VIN to the key code. You can also use a machine that uses that code to create a key from scratch. 

Broken door lock 

Another potential cause is that your car key won’t turn due to a broken door lock. With modern cars’ entry features and keyless ignition, you usually don’t need to worry about car keys not turning. However, the door lock may break if not used more often. 

If your car remote doesn’t function properly, chances are you have a broken door lock. When the car key is not turning, common reasons could be the wafers, or the cam is failing. In addition, the wafers and cam can also be distorted like in a worn key. They can also bind because of debris or rust. It can occur to lock assembly, where the car door doesn’t open outside or inside. 


If your car keys are not turning, the first thing to do is clean them with a dry lubricant. You can apply lube inside the keyhole, which may need to move a spring-loaded dust cover. If it still doesn’t work, you need to open the door. 

If the car key is not turning, which leads to a car lockout, you can be determined how to break into your car. You can also contact a locksmith to open your door. You can access the door lock by removing the interior door panel, which needs the door to be ajar. 

If the door is already open, the set screws are accessible. You could use the key if the door assembly were exposed. Determine what makes the car key won’t turn. You can eliminate the lock cylinder if there’s no blockage. 

Once the lock cylinder is removed, you can identify what’s wrong with it. You can also replace it. Re-key your ignition if you will change the car lock cylinder. 

Faulty ignition cylinder 

If the car key doesn’t turn in the ignition, there can be a problem with the cylinder, so the steering wheel can be locked. Modern steering wheels can be locked if the wheel is rotated without inserting the key. Additionally, there can be wrong with the ignition lock cylinder. 

The lock ignition cylinder can wear out or break like other locks. As your turn or insert the key, you put stress on the internal components of the lock. With this, the lock will be faulty, and the car key will not turn the cylinder. 


If the car key doesn’t turn because of the steering wheel lock, you can gently rock the wheel left and right as you jiggle the key in the ignition simultaneously. Make sure to prevent the car key from breaking off with the ignition. The wheel should have a full range of motion if the key turns successfully. 

You can perform a car ignition repair by spraying lubricant to the keyway. Meanwhile, you may still need a full car key ignition replacement. If you want to avoid damaging your car, you may leave the job to a professional automotive locksmith. 

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Photo by Daniel Andrade on Unsplash