15 Tips to Help you Gain More Instagram Likes, Followers and Traction

Instagram has become a powerhouse in the social media space. It has become a social currency for many. Influencers make hundreds or thousands of dollars on a post, and actors land cast positions due to their follower size. It is a world where millennials and Gen Z are ripping big, not just a platform for them to exchange contacts and share stories. Hence, “what’s your Instagram” has become a popular phrase when networking, marketing a brand or finding work in your industry.

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Given this, we shall discuss tips on how to grow your Instagram following and create a greater Instagram presence.

1). Learn How To Take Great Photos and Get More Instagram Likes

The objective is to learn the professional tricks photographers use when taking pictures. For instance, know how the lighting impacts the image quality and when it is terrible for shoots. Also, the lighting can make a picture come out blurry. People are drawn to visually appealing photos, and honestly, we all love them. They are at the heart of the mass following you see in the trendy accounts, followed closely by the meme accounts. Consider using natural light and a clear focus before taking a photo. That is how the images will pull many to double-tap or perhaps leave emoji comments and get more Instagram likes.

2). Use Your Posts To Tell Your Story

Think through what you want to post before you do it, taking the time to give your story an element that showcases your company or personal brand. Consider the emotional aspects of it and how you want them to pull in the audience and make them relate to your post (story or pics). Check out the brands you follow and engage with, noting their posts and assessing the emotions they evoke in you. Make them your source of inspiration. Please find out how you can leverage their strategies to create posts that establish an emotional connection with your target audience, especially Instagram users who are yet to be your Instagram followers.

3). Pick A Unique Aesthetic And Stick To It

A glance at your grid should bear testament to your “aesthetic.” In short, you are drawn to using a particular look and feel, which can be a mix of vivid colors or a subtle feel using neutral. It is a presentation that makes the feed appear professional, polished, and consistent. Hence, it is easy for users to tell which of your favorite brands or influencers shared the post without checking their profile name or image. They are familiar with your aesthetic because you have stuck with it, and it defines you.

4). Make A Resounding First Impression and Get More Instagram Likes

Since the goal is to stand out, have everyone check you out. Then it is best to ensure that what you want them to see is welcoming, engaging, and informative. Let’s say you have a LinkedIn profile, but it has more personality in this case. The strategy here is to pick a portrait for your profile, add your name if the profile uses a brand name, and throw in other details that help people know it is you right off the bat when they check out your profile and get more Instagram likes..

5). Post Great Content Consistently

The goal is to grow your Instagram account, and how else can you achieve it without daily posts? The more you share on your account, the faster the growth. At least two daily posts are a good starting point, allowing your audience to hear and engage with you. Social media engagement is what people hunger for after amassing lots of followers. It is measured by how much interaction you get, which will include comments, likes, and shares; to take things a notch higher, clicks from your bio links. The icing on the cake is more leads that turn into sales.

6). The Content Also Must Be Engaging and Get More Instagram Likes

So, you have ideas for sharing content with your audience, but how do you ensure it encourages them to engage with you? The post should get them to tap, comment, or like, meaning they find it awesome, funny, cool, and witty; you get the gist. It makes them feel connected; it is relatable and not them reacting because you asked them to comment or like.

It is a “call-to-action” marketing strategy, and do not shy away from making it openly apparent that you aim at making them do something. For instance, you can end your post with phrases like “comment below with your next holiday plans” or “what would you pair with this.” The call-to-action you include in the posts sparks engagement and helps you gain more Instagram likes..

7). Capitalize On Your Hashtags on Instagram Posts

Did you know you can use 30 hashtags on a post? So, there is no reason to feel lame for using all of them. They are SEO features that Instagram uses to ensure that users get the best and most relevant search results. For example, a hashtag like #nextdestination helps Instagram know that you are posting about travel. The Instagram algorithm will classify your content depending on the hashtag and ensure it gets to your target audience.

However, relevance is crucial. It would be best if you stuck to hashtags related to your post’s content. People might unfollow you because your content does not meet what there are searching for; they could even block your Instagram page and posts.

8). Know Your Target Audience and Get More Instagram Likes

You cannot realize any significant results for your marketing efforts if you do not take the time to know your target customers. Similarly, get to know your audience when using Instagram to make your business or brand. The more you know about them, the better you relate and connect with them. Find out about their age, gender, interests, and location. You can even go a step further to inquire about their relationship status if it is relevant to your service or product.

Learning about your audience helps target them when using paid advertising or organically. For the latter, you have the hashtags and must consider how your audience would use them. Run them on the search function to help you with this, and you will proactively create engaging content that targets your audience, encouraging high quality likes, comments, shares, or follows.

Your post will evoke likes and genuine comments and generate an authentic following if it makes people feel connected to the feed. Hence, they are unlikely to unfollow you later because they do not find any relatable information in the content you post.

Furthermore, getting to know your audience helps you learn more about the brands and other accounts they follow on Instagram.

9). Engage Persistently and Get More Instagram Likes

It is possible to use all 30 hashtags when posting your content and be confident that what you share is informative and relevant but gets no results from your efforts. So, where is the disconnect? Your woes are solved once you discover that posting is just 40% of the process. Engagement and targeting take the remaining 60%.

You might have fabulous stuff that nobody gets to see if you do not take a few hours to do some proactive engagement and targeting. It is worth making the time for, so you better find someone to do it for you if you are tied to other pressing issues. And if it calls for hiring an assistant to handle it, so be it; it is either time or money you must sacrifice if your Instagram account is to grow.

Instagram is a social media platform, meaning you must socialize. Therefore, identify your audience, follow their accounts, and like and comment on their posts daily because you expect the same engagement from them on your account. That is how you will build an influential group of people within your niche. You can float the idea of forming a comment pod or boost group where members commit to engaging with everyone’s daily posts.

10). Create A Trendy Hashtag And Encourage Others To Use It for their Instagram Posts

It is a fantastic way to expand your Insta community and gain a new following. It also helps with new content generation. The hashtag must not be in use (not existing). You can ask your network if others have seen or used the hashtag. Also, please note that the strategy is most effective if the hashtag meets a specific purpose.

For example, a statement like “Life Is A Beautiful Mess” can encourage followers to use #LIABMlivingcolorfully in all their happy Instagram photos. And when people start using the hashtag as you roll with it on your posts too, you can repost each other’s images giving each other credit. You will show your followers that you appreciate their pics as much as they do you, and it can be an opportunity for new content for your Instagram account.

11). Encourage Your Followers and Other Instagram Users To Take Action

It may sound cliché, but you get a better response from people when you ask them to do something. So, ask your Insta follower to like or comment on your posts. You also can request them to share it if they find it relatable. They comment with open-ended questions and even tag a friend. The objective is to put the idea of what you would want your audience to do, and it will encourage them to act.

12). Geotag Your Pics to Gain Instagram Likes

Post a few pictures you took during your recent travels. It can be a photo of a city or a trendy restaurant, and geotag it for people who use the same geotag can see the images. It might persuade them to follow you because you share something in common. Geotagging is tagging an image with a location.

13). Discover Your Audience’s Instagram Likes

Once you identify and connect with your target audience, take the time to learn more about their interests. Check out their photos to see which got the most comments and likes and which had a low score. The images can help you know their interests and how to use more of such pictures in your Insta feed.

14). Approach Popular Users For Collabs

Instagram story takeovers that is the name of the game, and it can be a blast. Ask in your network if anyone is willing to allow you to take over their Instagram account as a contributor for the day. Such a move can help grow your following dramatically. Daily challenges can also have a similar impact. Either create a chance to have fun as you explore creative ways of collaborating with other Instagrammers in your niche to gain more Instagram likes and Instagram followers.

15). Keep Learning to Gain More Instagram Likes

Every new challenge is a learning experience. Mastering something is an opportunity to know as much as possible and can be a routine process. Updates come up all the time, and learning about them can help you grow as you discover how to leverage them on the platform to gain a higher following and a great social media presence on social media accounts.

Therefore, know more about the features and how to optimize and capitalize on them. Do not let the “shadow-ban” notion scare you. Instagram fixed the bug, so the blog posts and advice on dealing with it are hogwash.

The Instagram Algorithm

Now that we have covered the essential tips for strategizing your growth plan, let us discuss the Instagram algorithm.

What is it? The Insta algorithm is a formula designed to determine what appears on the search feed. Earlier, posts would show up chronologically depending on when they were posted. However, saturation on the platform caused by too many active users simultaneously necessitated a change. The guys at Meta implemented the same algorithm used for the Facebook feed to determine what shows up on the Instagram feed – verified Insta and blue tick accounts are often favoured more.

So, the algorithm considers individual preferences based on your interactions on social media accounts. Hence, what shows up on your feed is different from other users. In short, what you see is based on engagement, timing, and previous interactions. This all impacts social media presences and is central to social media marketing.

Nonetheless, newer content gets too much preference; thus, posting consistently is vital to your account’s growth. The more engagement with your audience (comments, likes, and shares), the more the posts appear on the Insta feed. If you look at your feed, you will notice that you see newer posts from those you have commented on or liked. That’s the algorithm at work.

So, follow the tips above and if you want to buy Instagram likes safely, make sure to use Auto Likes IG for likes on Instagram.

Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash