15 Houseplants That Are Easy to Grow With Minimal Maintenance

Want to add style and class to your home without spending a lot of money? Buy houseplants online. They brighten up any room, have health benefits, and signal to your friends and family that you’re mature and thoughtful enough to care for a plant. Plus, they actually clean the air around them by removing toxic vapors. Just looking at indoor plants lowers blood pressure and increases productivity. Like it or not, humans do better when surrounded by nature. These are 15 houseplants that are easy to grow with a busy schedule.

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But what to do if you’re not actually mature and thoughtful enough to take care of a plant? Buy one or two of these hard-to-kill houseplants. They survive in low light, with too much water, and when you forget to water them. They’ll endure almost any negligence on your part. Just remember two key rules: good drainage and put down the watering can (seriously, stop watering your plants so much).

indoor plants
Image Credit: Watson’s Greenhouse and Nursery on Facebook

Chinese Evergreen

This easy to grow houseplant tolerates poor lighting, dry air, and even when you forget to water. Fertilize it once a year, and as it gets older, it’ll produce flowers similar to peace lilies. Just keep the Chinese evergreen warm to keep it happy.

indoor plants
Image Credit: Photo by Tristan Gevaux on Unsplash


Here’s a handy plant to have around if you’re prone to sunburn, accidents in the kitchen, or just have acne. Just plant it in loose soil with plenty of drainage and let it dry out completely between waterings.

indoor plants
Image Credit: Air Plant Supply Co. on Facebook

Air Plant

You let your creativity run rampant with ways to display air plants. This easy to grow houseplant absorbs moisture from the surrounding air. However, let them soak for 30 minutes once a week to keep them thriving.

indoor plants
Image Credit: Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Rubber Plant

With the right care, a rubber plant can grow into an actual indoor tree. Potting is critical, with a loose mix of soil to allow full drainage. Pro-tip: use warm water to avoid shocking the roots.

indoor plants
Image Credit: Plants and Pots NZ on Facebook

Cast Iron Plant

Aptly named because this plant can endure almost any conditions, from low light to bright light. Just let the top half of the soil dry out before watering and feed it with diluted plant food once a month.

indoor plants
Image Credit: Photo by Shiro Yamamoto on Unsplash


This communicative indoor plant is a mainstay for brown-thumbs looking to reform. Drooping leaves show you’re watering too much or too little. Let the top inch dry out between waterings and place it in bright, indirect sunlight.

Image Credit: Gardeniaflowerica on Facebook

Golden Pathos

This fast-growing indoor plant is for people who like to see immediate results from their efforts. It tolerates drought but prefers weekly waterings and low light.

Image Credit: Jernigan’s Nursery and Trading Post on Facebook

Asparagus Fern

This unique foliage adds a nice burst of greenery to bedrooms and offices, but use caution as it’s toxic to pets. This easy to grow houseplant thrives on humidity and requires daily misting. This plant also revives fast after neglect. They’ll return to life even after drying out to the point of browning.

indoor plants
Image Credit: Image by LaterJay Photography from Pixabay

Jade Plant

The jade plant loves direct sunlight for up to four hours a day. It’s perfect for chronic over-waterers as it enjoys damp soil (but never wet). Just make sure it’s got flawless drainage to keep it happy.

Image Credit: Photo by Xinyi Zhang on Unsplash

Pancake Plant

The pancake plant is another fast-growing indoor plant that prefers low light. It’s perfect for ambitious beginner gardeners with tricky apartment lighting. Let the soil dry out between waterings. It’s also called a Chinese money plant, or UFO plant because of the round leaves.

indoor plants
Image Credit: Fast Growing Trees on Facebook

Umbrella Tree

This is another plant that’ll grow into a small tree with the right care. Again, give it plenty of drainage and let the soil dry out between waterings. It’s also easy to propagate, so once you’ve mastered its care, you can share it with friends.

Image Credit: Grow Green on Facebook

Rabbit’s Ear

You can often find this adorably named and super soft plant as a border plant in outdoor gardens, but it does well indoors as well. It requires lots of light, so place it in a south-facing window and avoid over-watering.

Image Credit: Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash

Snake Plant

This striking plant prefers indirect sunlight but will tolerate a few mistakes from beginning gardeners well. Don’t get the leaves wet when you water and let the soil dry out completely between waterings.

indoor plants
Image Credit: Lembah Barakah Organic Orchard on Facebook

Spider Plant

Perfect for hanging baskets in the kitchen or bathroom, this exotic-looking plant prefers bright and indirect sunlight. You can water it often, as long as the soil doesn’t become soggy. They’ll also tolerate occasional neglect or a weekend away.

indoor plants
Image Credit: Dracaena Marginata on Facebook

Dragon Tree

This mini-palm tree with red-rimmed leaves is perfect for a home office desk or nightstand. They like bright, indirect sunlight but will tolerate low-light. Plan on watering about once a week, giving the soil plenty of time to dry out. Reduce your watering schedule further into winter.


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