10 Easy Tricks You’ve Always Wanted To Teach Your Dog

Dogs have been our constant companion throughout the quarantine. Extra walks, cuddles, and playtime have become the norm over the past few months as we bunker down together with our furry friends. While our dogs are likely content to spend days snoozing on the couch, why not use this time productively together and learn a new trick? Here are 10 easy tricks that you’ve always wanted to teach your dog. 


While your dog likely already gives you kisses every day, you can now teach him to show you with love on command. Rewarding them with food helps make this learning process a little easier. 


Some dogs naturally love to play fetch, but other dogs struggle with it. If you want to go to a park and play fetch with your dog without getting frustrated first, check out this video to walk you through the process of teaching your dog this easy dog trick.

Play Dead GIF - Animals Playing Dead GIFs

Play Dead

Playing dead is much more advanced than sitting or shaking hands, and it might take some time for your dog to understand the trick. If your dog already knows “roll over,” it will make learning this trick much easier!


Spinning is an easy trick to teach dogs. Start by teaching with treats and then graduate to a verbal command only. 

High Five

Start with “paw” or “shake” first, and then you can move on to teach your dog high five. 

Finding A Treat Under A Cup

This easy dog trick also requires multiple steps. First, start with one cup to make sure the dog learns that he is supposed to engage with the cup. Next, you can start to try and incorporate more cups. 

Dog Irish Dance GIF - Dog IrishDance Training GIFs

Irish Dancing 

If you can teach your dog to Irish Dance, he will likely have more skills than most people! It probably isn’t easy and requires a bit of coordination on your part, but if you have extra time on your hands, it might be fun to teach your dog to do a simple Irish jig.


Find some zen in your life by doing yoga with your dog. While this is definitely an advanced trick, it is possible if you have a smart dog and are willing to do a lot of yoga with them. 

Dog Hiding GIF - Dog Hiding LookForMe GIFs


A lot of dogs love to play hide-and-seek. This is a relatively easy one to teach your dog because he likely naturally wants to find you! 

Dog Brings Beer GIF - Dog Fetch Trick GIFs

Fetch A Beer 

For this one, make sure the dog learns to fetch the beer, and not just eat something in the fridge! Once he has learned the trick, this will be a useful party trick for Sunday football days. 


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