10 Simpsons Episodes That Predicted the Future, Including the Coronavirus

You gotta love them. They are funny, smart, sincere, and highly accurate. Accurate how? Well, the Simpsons predict the future! Check out these 10 episodes in which The Simpsons described many events that took place even years after the episodes aired.

“Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish”

Season 2 – Episode 4, 1990

The Simpsons accurately predicted the future in Episode 4 of Season 2 when Bart found a three-eyed fish while fishing in the river by a nuclear plant. More than ten years later, in Argentina, a man found a three-eyed fish in a stream close to a nuclear power plant, sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.

“Marge in Chains”

Season 4, Episode 21 — 1993

“Germs of Endearment” is aired on the Itchy & Scratchy’s show. Springfield’s major gives a press conference about the epidemic announcing that he will cancel his vacations. Mr. Burns shows Smithers his “germ-free chamber,” built by himself to avoid contagion. Riots of people demand a cure and, back in their houses, some of the characters go through delirious feverish episodes. Sounds familiar to us…

“$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalised Gambling)”

Season 5, Episode 10 — 1993

Mr. Burns decides to open a Casino in beautiful Springfield, and the Simpsons go at it. What better way to experience the whole Vegas vibe than with a famous pair of magicians that happen to train tigers? In case you don’t know them, the couple depicted in the episode are Gunter and Ernst, a parody of the famous Siegfried and Roy. Gunter and Ernst are attacked on stage by their white tiger. Ten years later, Siegfried and Roy suffer a real-life attack while performing in Las Vegas.

“Lisa on Ice”

Season 6, Episode 8 — 1994

This episode of the Simpsons predicted the future in a fast manner but long enough for us to recognize it. Back in 1994, Apple released “Newton,” their first attempt for a digital assistant. In this episode, bullies Kearney and Dolph plan to beat up Martin, but the machine autocorrects it into “Eat up, Martha,” and the whole thing escalates from there.

“When You Dish Upon A Star”

Season 10, Episode 5 — 1998

Remember when Disney purchased 21st Century Fox? Nearly two decades before it was a reality, The Simpsons predicted it showing Fox’s iconic logo as a “Division of Walt Disney Co.”


Season 11, Episode 5 — 1999

Another instance of the Simpsons predicting the future occurred in Episode 5 of Season 11 when Homer decides to move the family to Grandpa’s old farms to avoid a duel. At the farm, he grows a profitable and dangerous hybrid crop: the tomacco plant. In 2003, Rob Baur did it. He successfully grafted a tomacco plant.

“Bart to the Future”

Season 11, Episode 17 — 2000

We have all seen the image: Donald Trump as elected president of the United States on The Simpsons episode that aired in 2000. What you probably don’t know is that the one who took over the presidency after him was Lisa!

“Boy Meets Curl”

Season 21, Episode 12 _— 2010

Marge and Homer start playing a game called curling and it spirals into them helping the US beat Sweden in the Olympics. In real-life 2018, the US beat Sweden in curling at the Olympic Games in South Korea.

“Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson”

Season 23, Episode 10 — 2012

Homer is a guest on a news show, and on the ticker scrolling across the bottom of the screen reads: “Europe puts Greece on eBay.” In 2015, Greece became the first more economically developed country not to be able to make a payment IMF loan, leading stock markets to tumble amidst fears of Greece exiting the Eurozone.

“The Serfsons”

Season 29 – Episode 1, 2017

This epic episode shows the famous family in the kingdom of Springfieldia, where they see a fire-breathing dragon burning down their entire town. A lot like Game of Thrones‘ ending two years before it was written and aired. Oops. That was a spoiler.