10 Easy Alcoholic Drink Recipes Anyone Can Make

Learning how to bartend is essential if you plan on hosting get-togethers and backyard barbecues for friends this summer. Over 63 percent of adults in the United States enjoy alcoholic beverages, so several of your guests will be excited to try the types of drinks you’re making. There are basic cocktail recipes you should know to offer a wide range of drink options to your guests.

The classic Whiskey and Coke are simple to make, but some of your guests will want to try something that takes their tastebuds for a wild ride. Diving into the classic drink recipes will prepare you for fun in the sun with the people who matter most.

Fortunately, you’ve discovered this helpful guide to the ten best alcoholic drinks to learn to make this summer. Continue reading to explore the most exciting alcoholic drink ideas today!

  1. Mojito

The mojito is a classic drink option every bartender should learn to make, especially for warm weather occasions. It’s one of the best types of drinks to consume if you’ve spent considerable time in hot weather. 

Combine white rum with mint, lime juice, and soda water for one of the most refreshing cocktail recipes your guests have tried.

It’s best to make a pitcher of this classic drink to ensure enough for everyone. You’ll have a cool jug of deliciousness ready when your guests arrive. And fresh fruit to the mix if you’re bold and adventurous.

  1. Tom Collins

The Tom Collins is another classic for the best alcoholic drink recipes you should learn to make from home. It’s best to start with simple recipes; Tom Collins fits the bill perfectly. You can mix your usual ingredients with muddled berries to add a refreshing fruit flavor to your cocktail recipes.

  1. Sex on the Beach

Sex on the Beach is the perfect compliment to your summer pool parties, so you must get the right ingredients to make these alcoholic drink recipes a reality. You’ll want to fill your glasses to the brim with a concoction of peach, orange, and cranberry juices.

You’ll love Sex on the Beach if you have a sweet tooth and want a subtle taste of alcohol with your favorite cocktails. You’ll combine and stir the ingredients to blend the fruity goodness. Garnish and serve the drink to your friends, and always consume alcohol responsibly.

You can also read this bay breeze recipe to gain new ideas for your favorite alcoholic drinks. Make your home the go-to spot for friends and family with your bartending skills.

  1. Piña Colada

No list of drink recipes is complete without mentioning the delicious piña colada. This drink is the perfect blend of sweet pineapple, mellow coconut, and your favorite liquor. It’s impossible to deny the deliciousness of this cocktail recipe, and it’s one of the easiest drinks to prepare.

Each sip will take you deeper into a tropical paradise in your mind. You’ll enjoy an escape to the Caribbean when sipping your piña colada from your back patio. It’s also one of the best drink recipes to serve alcohol-free drinks for your kids.

  1. Martini

The martini conjures images of James Bond, but it’s another option when learning alcoholic drink recipes that you should have in your arsenal. Ensure you have the proper glasses to serve martinis before mixing these drinks. Depending on your guests ‘ preferences, you can make a dirty or fruity version of this drink.

You can apply several twists to this drink recipe when you gain more bartending experience. Use gin or vodka to crate this drink from home. Add an olive or lemon peel to add more flavor, and enjoy!

  1. Whiskey Sour

If you’re looking for a simple drink to get more experience with bartending, the whiskey sour is an excellent place to start. It’s the perfect drink for dinner with friends and family. You’ll want to mix your favorite bourbon with herby bitters, sugar, and sharp lemon to take the edge off the bourbon.

Add an egg white to remove some of the flavor’s sharpness. It’s guaranteed to add a hint of luxury to your at-home bartending menu.

White Russian

A coffee-laced white Russian is one of the best drinks to start a weekend morning. It’s a tasty combination of white cream, coffee, and vodka for a pick-me-up after a long night. You’ll only need those three ingredients to put this drink together for friends, making it one of the best options when learning to make new drink recipes.

  1. Margarita

Margaritas are another alcoholic drink recipe to add to your menu when preparing to have friends over for your next barbecue. It’s one of the best summer drink options since it’s refreshing and easy to make. The margarita is the best cocktail to create drinks with quality tequila.

Choose a quality tequila option to bring out the flavor when making these types of drinks. It’s best served with salt and a wedge of lime to compliment the overall taste.

  1. Cuba Libre

Rum drinks are among the best to learn to make when looking at cocktail recipes, and the Cuba Libre is no exception. It’s one of the easiest drinks to make, so you should start with this one when preparing for your next party.

Mix your favorite rum with quality cola to blend the flavors. Add a squeeze of lime and some ice to complete the drink for those sweltering summer temps when out on the water. It’s a classic that you can master with minimal practice!

Try These Alcoholic Drink Recipes Today

Learning to make different alcoholic drink recipes is critical if you want to host the best gatherings and parties at your home. Classic options like the Cuba Libre and white Russian require few ingredients to prepare, making them the best alcoholic drink ideas to learn. The piña colada is the perfect drink to make when conjuring Caribbean vibes for your guests.

Are you ready to take your bartending and cooking skills to the next level? Read more of our culinary and health blog content to learn essential pointers and tips for your next gathering!


Image Credit: Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash