10 Best National Parks in NSW

New South Wales boasts 889 National Parks and protected reserves, featuring a variety of landscapes, eco-systems and wildlife. With so many choices, deciding where to go for your next outdoor adventure can be tough. To help narrow it down, we have compiled a list that features 10 best National Parks in NSW.

Distances have been included for those commencing their road trip from Sydney, to assist in the holiday planning process.

Royal National Park 

Distance from Sydney: 35 Kilometres south-west

Approximate Driving Time: 45 minutes 

The second oldest National Park is the world, this huge expanse of wilderness was declared a national park in 1879. It was just seven years after Yellowstone in the USA was protected, which was the first in history.

Royal National Park contains secluded beaches, rugged bushland, ancient Indigenous rock art, a plethora of walking trails, and protects various species of native wildlife.

Some of the natural attractions include waterfalls, swimming holes and wedding cake rock.

Bonnie Vale campground inside the National Park, is suitable for campervans, tents and camper trailers.

Blue Mountains National Park

Distance from Sydney: 62 Kilometres west 

Approximate Driving Time: 1 hour

This well-known National Park is home to the famous Three Sisters rock formation and Katoomba Falls. There are numerous scenic lookouts to enjoy, hiking trails to explore and ancient Aboriginal art to appreciate.

The park is also home to glow worm caves, as well as an abundance of birds and wildlife.

Dunphy’s Campground is the only one (out of 8 in total) inside the National Park which is suitable for campervans, however, there are many others nearby.

Sea Acres National Park

Distance from Sydney: 396 Kilometres north-east 

Approximate Driving Time: 4 hours 15 minutes 

Where the beach meets the rainforest, you get to have the best of both worlds at Sea Acres National Park.

This unique habitat is home to over a hundred different bird species, over twenty species of mammal and many reptiles, including the lace monitor and diamond python.

Sea Acres National Park is in the vicinity of Port Macquarie, making campground accommodation widely available to visitors.

Kosciuszko National Park

Distance from Sydney: 500 Kilometres south-west 

Approximate Driving Time: 5 hours 30 minutes 

The largest of all NSW’s National Parks, Kosciuszko National Park offers adventure in any season. From skiing the slopes in the Thredbo-Perisher region in winter, to enjoying the striking displays of wildflowers in spring. 

Explore caves, visit waterfalls and hike through the rugged alpine countryside.

With over 40 campgrounds inside Kosciuszko National Park, you will be sure to find something suitable, whether in a caravan, tent or campervan.

Warrumbungle National Park 

Distance from Sydney: 524 Kilometres north-west 

Approximate Driving Time: 6 hours 05 minutes 

Warrumbungle National Park has a claim to fame, it is the first, and currently the only, Dark Sky Park in the Southern Hemisphere. This is because it has no artificial light pollution, creating the perfect location for stargazing and astronomy.

It’s not just beautiful at night time either, there are multiple walking trails, including the breathtaking Breadknife and Grand High Tops walk.

The park contains 11 campgrounds inside, with several of them accessible for caravans and campervans.

Ben Boyd National Park 

Distance from Sydney: 508 Kilometres south 

Approximate Driving Time: 6 hours 40 minutes 

For beach lovers, you won’t want to miss Ben Boyd National Park. Located along the spectacular Sapphire Coast, the park is fringed with pristine shorelines, rocky inlets and crystal-clear swimming water. 

If you visit during whale migrating season, you may be lucky enough to spot them in the waters here. If not, don’t despair, there is also an abundance of land wildlife to observe in the park as well.

Located close to the Eden township, you can either camp in the National Park, or stay close by in town.

Oxley Wild Rivers National Park 

Distance from Sydney: 511 Kilometres north-east 

Approximate Driving Time: 6 hours 25 minutes 

The name of this National Park suits it well, from the magnificent Aspley, Wollomombil and Dangars Falls, to the striking gorges and ancient rainforests. The Oxley Rivers National Park is wilderness personified.

There are a multitude of walking trails, waterfalls and lookouts to explore, with stunning wildflowers appearing in the spring, and always an opportunity for birdwatching.

The Oxley Rivers National Park features campgrounds, with several of them suitable for camper trailers, campervans and of course, tent camping.

Horton Falls National Park

Distance from Sydney: 542 Kilometres north 

Approximate Driving Time: 6 hours 25 minutes 

Set amongst the characteristic natural Australian bush, the Horton Falls National Park is a perfect summer retreat. With stunning a remarkable waterfall that flows into a gorgeous, and inviting, waterhole below.

The park is home to a colony of adorable squirrel gliders, which you will no doubt hear overhead when staying overnight.

There are only 3 campgrounds located in the park, but they are quite accessible, and can be pre-booked online.

Yuraygir National Park

Distance from Sydney: 627 Kilometres north-east

Approximate Driving Time: 6 hours 50 minutes 

Yuraygir National Park was formed by combining two previously existing parks, Red Rocks and Angourie. The result now sees Yuraygir boast the longest expanse of undeveloped coastline in the state of New South Wales.

With a wealth of beaches, the park is ideal for summer and autumn holidaymakers. In winter, it is whale migrating season, and the viewing points from Red Cliffs is a popular place to spot them. Spring sees wildflowers dazzling the landscape, and the many walking trails give you a great opportunity to appreciate them. With a selection of 9 campgrounds on offer, you are spoilt for choice at Yuraygir.

Mungo National Park

Distance from Sydney: 930 Kilometres west

Approximate Driving Time: 10 hours 25 minutes 

Mungo National Park is most renowned for its iconic land formation named “Walls of China”. These sediment deposits are backdropped by unique desert scenery, most dramatically beautiful at sunset.

Indigenous culture in Mungo, dates back hundreds of thousands of years, and is World Heritage listed to protect the Aboriginal history. The Mungo Lady and Mungo Man were discovered in the park, with their remains dating back over 42,000 years, making them the oldest Homo Sapiens discovered outside of Africa.

With just 2 campgrounds available, and only one with campervan access, you should book early to ensure a space. Alternatively, Mildura is around 130kms away, with many accommodation facilities.

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