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There are many ways to spend your free time with family, friends, or colleagues, but escape rooms are becoming more popular for various events. Also, it helps to have quality time with your loved ones, including the excitement of solving puzzles as a team. Fictional worlds full of mystery and plot twists will leave no one aside, motivating others to participate. 

Many companies are using escape rooms as a team-building event. It helps to establish informal communication in a casual atmosphere, bond in an adventure, and activate problem-solving or brainstorming skills outside the office. This is an excellent reason to try this approach and have a good time. 

Indeed, there are a lot of escape room providers you can choose from, enough to google “best escape rooms near me.” nevertheless, Mazerooms brings numerous exciting narratives you can become a part of, the whole eras or fictional worlds you can choose from. The rules are simple: escape from a locked room by solving puzzles within a fixed time. We have got you covered; the event environment is safe and controlled to ensure nothing can ruin the day. 

Are you a fan of Steam or Cyberpunk, Area 51, or stories about Sherlock Holmes? Mazerooms invites you to embark on a journey of puzzles and mysteries. Whether it’s your first time or not, there’s something for everyone, with genres ranging from horror to adventure.

Suitable for everyone

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Before jumping in, you need to decide what type of event you want. Team building, kids’ time, or adventure with your friends requires different difficulty levels, room sizes, and prices. Some themes are unsuitable for kids or colleagues, so we suggest verifying all the info before booking or consulting with us. 

Childhood is a perfect time when kids can live in a world full of magic and mysteries. It’s controlled not only by logic but also by imagination. The escape room offers excellent bonding time between kids and their parents and encourages creative thinking through games. It can be a fantastic opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their children outside the playground or house. You can be sure that this event will be memorable. 

The escape room is your best choice if you want to gather your friends and rock the few free hours. You can step into the chilling story to escape the psycho or test your nerves with monsters. This challenging experience will require a lot of effective communication and teamwork. Also, it’s good to create new lasting memories, celebrate special occasions, or just have a night out; find an absolute riddle cracker among your group. As the puzzle unravels, you will have a lot of good laughs and high spirits. 

Similar to the advantages of friends time, team building activity can also be moved to the escape room. Such exercise can become a great opportunity and influential in working toward a common goal. Exercising in working under pressure and tight deadlines, solving riddles, and communicating effectively can immerse even the most passive players into the game. Companies prefer to play video games or have pizza, but an escape room with a suitable budget and theme might boost the challenge and morale inside your team. 

Mazerooms is ready to provide a compelling way to spend time with your people in Los Angeles. Interesting adventures will bring your kids, friends, or colleagues together, encouraging teamwork and creativity, with the ultimate goal of having a good time. They also serve as a powerful bonding tool, uplifting, practical communication and problem-solving skills in a relaxed yet stimulating way. Among the many escape room providers, Mazerooms offers various narratives and challenges for all interests. Escape rooms can serve any requirement, from childhood wonder to thrilling nights out with friends. So, whether you’re seeking to make a unique family moment or to strengthen the team spirit, consider signing on such an adventure.

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