​​Different Ways to Support Ukraine, Learning the Language Can Be One!

The situation in Ukraine currently is not hidden from anyone. From the high official authorities to children scrolling their Instagram feed, either in the form of horrifying news or hilarious memes which can make anyone crack up, the Ukraine-Russia conflict is the talk of the town. While the memes are indeed an excellent way to lighten up, it is essential to acknowledge the issue’s intensity. Countless people are losing their homes since Russia has been bombing Ukraine. In such a condition, the entire world sheds tears for the Ukrainians and shows their solidarity. They are seeking means to support Ukraine. 

Here are some great ways that you can use to help Ukraine:

Donate money

There are many Ukrainians who have to flee from their country in such harsh conditions. They have lost all of their money, food, and home. They barely have anything to cover themselves up. Since they are being evacuated to neighboring countries, the hosts try to take care of them. However, no matter how much they try, it is impossible to support the refugees, especially those coming in masses fully. The best thing you can do at such a crucial time is to donate money for the right cause. You can get access to countless sites which could currently get donations and therefore save up for the Ukrainians. You can send some share of your money to those sites. Or you could also ask around the organizations in your country which aim to help the poor Ukrainians. It is essential to ensure that the donation which you are giving is not going in vain by checking the authenticity of the organizations. 

Educate yourself

Before you start to have a debate with the people about why Russia is wrong or how Ukraine can be at fault, try to educate yourself about the issue. Study their history and politics briefly. Enough to give you an idea about what might have happened in the region and what was the series of events that might have triggered such an atrocious action by Russia. After you know everything with proper evidence, you should study the current situation in Ukraine. Getting appropriate statistics is one way of learning about all the issues which Ukrainians are facing in today’s world. This can also help you in the previous step. Once you know enough to decide what the right action should be, you would also be familiar with some of the organizations which are actually working for the sake of Ukrainians who are either stranded in a foreign country or starving and dying in their own motherland. 

Educate others

Once you have educated yourself, you need to start educating others about the issue. You could help them understand the intensity of the problem. There are many people who are simply making memes on Russia and Ukraine instead of being concerned about the entire situation. This is because most people are not educated enough to talk about such issues. Being a responsible human, it becomes your utmost duty to speak up against torture and the troubles people face. If the people around you seem to have no clue about how sad and tragic the situation in Ukraine is, you could enlighten them about it. As human beings, they would surely not be able to shut their eyes to such an inhumane incident. Once you have educated yourself and others, you can move on to another way to show your solidarity for the Ukrainians, and that is by speaking up against it. 

Set the trend

You, along with your loved ones, can take it to Twitter and make the hashtags like #nowar #westandwithukraine on-trend, which can raise awareness about the issue. Many people are regularly checking who’s trending on Twitter, and once they get to know about it, that is the only thing people talk about. Had it not been for the internet, no one would have known that the Ukrainians are constantly dying and starving in their own country. It is essential to let the entire world know. This is because once the people of every country get active, the social criticism puts pressure on the government to take its decision of attacking the other country back. Russia will undoubtedly be under immense pressure once the people start standing together against the attack on Russia, and this has been evident in the past as well. 

Learn Ukrainian

To understand the perspective and pain of the Ukrainian people, it is crucial to know their language to stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. If the people in masses would start learning Ukrainian, then it would be easier for them to understand their posts and therefore create posts in Ukrainian. Once the world sees that the people are learning Ukrainian, the position of Ukraine will strengthen. More people will start learning about Ukraine; the higher would be the pressure on Russia to step back. And if you want to support Ukraine but do not have money, then you can join a free course in the Ukrainian language

Ukrainian people are going through immense troubles. Being a human, it becomes our responsibility to support them. Let us take an oath that we would try our level best to support Ukraine. Taking some dollars out of your little pocket money will only result in countless smiles and sighs of relief. Pay your part now so that you do not have any regrets tomorrow. Learn as much as your can about the issue and keep yourself posted about everything that is going on in Ukraine. Also, tell others about the case and thus spread the word. Be the ice-breaker in your community when it comes to talking about the Ukraine issue. And finally, if you can learn their language, then it will make it easy for a Ukrainian to speak to you. No information is better than first-hand information. Why not start learning Ukrainian so that the Ukrainian can share their personal experiences with you in a comfortable and easy way.